Rare Apple Sneakers Selling for Over $10,000

It turns out Apple fanatics are just as willing to shell out massive money for vintage footwear as sneakerheads are. The latest piece of evidence comes from this eBay auction featuring a very rare pair of Apple sneakers, bids for which are up to $10,300 at the time of writing.

For context, bidding for a pristine pair of vintage Apple sneakers at auction house Heritage Live started at $15,000 in June. The shoes don’t appear to have sold, but similar ones generally fetch thousands when they pop up.

This silhouette looks to be much rarer than other Apple sneakers—searches on sites dedicated to archival Mac merch don’t offer any photos of these, and in a previous listing, the seller even went so far as to call this one “the only pair on Earth.”

The seller has a detailed breakdown of the very Reebok Classic-looking shoes on YouTube here.






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