$Ha Hef – No Choice (Official Music Video)

You might be hard as hell to your team, but next to $ha Hef, you ain’t really that guy. You may think you ‘bout them crack and gun raps, but after today, you might want to shelf that notion. While you decided one day to rap about “that life,” Hef had “No Choice.” He may be from the birthplace of hip-hop, but these days the Bronx is more known as a bastion for Bloods.

Like any New Yorker worth their salt, Hef has an understanding of aesthetic that makes his videos, and even his fashion sense, just as ill as his music. And the whole vibe of the visuals for “No Choice” scream $ha Hef. From the dark drone of the beat, to the gothic feel of the locations, to the spastic animations that accentuate Hef’s movements, it all paints a picture. Simply put, this dude really knows how to serve up that fish scale his fans can’t get enough of. We’re just happy to be the ones giving it to yall first.




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