Dave East – What Is The Hold Up (Official Music Video)

Dave East is past the point of people asking “Who?” when you mention his name. The Harlem native has released unforgettable projects and has sold out shows long before many expected him to. And you know what? He can care fucking less. Dave’s success is all attributed to the effort he has put in and he knows what he deserves. *Cues in “What Is The Hold Up“*

2016 XXL Freshman Dave East has been holding things down with his sporadic #EastMix drops, remixing everyone from Drake to French Montana and Future.

In addition to the remixes, Dave has also rocked this year’s Summer Jam and joined Freeway on “Hold the Fort Down” and Method Man, Max B and more on “Eviction.”

With the upcoming release of his debut album Paranoia: A True Story ahead, the Harlemite refocuses his energy on new, original material, returning with a video for the appropriately-titled song “What Is The Hold Up.”






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